Every person has a worldview. There are no exceptions. This is true in every society all around the world. However, most people do not know what it is. They do not talk or even think about it. They cannot describe it. It remains largely hidden. Yet, it impacts every aspect of one’s life. Its power is displayed everywhere all the time.

The idea of “worldview” seems too complicated to consider but it is too important to ignore. What is a worldview? Worldview is the story-grid, at any moment of time, through which a group of people sees and interprets all aspects of life.

It determines a person’s assumptions about what is and is not real. It informs values, that is, what a group of people feels ought and ought not to be. It shapes cultural institutions, like family, government, and religion. Ultimately, it drives outward observable behavior, what is said and done in particular situations.

Worldview Resource Group equips cross-cultural workers with insights and skills for an effective approach to communicating across cultures. Without understanding worldview, one is greatly hindered in communicating clearly. It takes times to understand worldview. Haste and abruptness are not helpful in cross-cultural relationships and communication. Contact WRG to learn more.