Worldview Resource Group supplies needed skills to global mission leaders for effective cross-cultural ministry. The focus of consulting and training is a story-based worldview approach. The beginning point of WRG’s work is needs assessment.

Methodology in the field impacts strategy and all other aspects of organizational development, including supervision, ongoing professional development, trainer qualifications, training objectives, and selection criteria. A worldview approach is holistic, impacting everything.

WRG consultants and trainers have years of experience in cross-cultural communication and ministry. Each has written extensively to address challenges and share insights. See the four-part book series, There is more to the story, to read about the role of story in a worldview approach to cross-cultural ministry. The authors blend together field experience with academic scholarship.

Training is available for individuals, small groups, and/or whole departments. Assessments accompany the WRG training programs. Prices are all inclusive. Locations include Northern Canada to Southern Chile . . . USA to Indonesia. Contact WRG for more information.